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In recent years we have carried out various projects for Rijkswaterstaat, various water boards and large cities in the Netherlands. In these projects, together with our customers, we have taken the first steps in tackling the plastic waste problem in water. In the overview below you can see various completed and ongoing projects.

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Small effort. Big difference.

Stop Plastic from City to Wad

The aim of this project is to prevent plastics from the land ending up in the Wadden Sea. Understanding the problem helps to achieve this goal as effectively as possible. A practical approach was chosen during this project: learning by doing. The knowledge gained is widely shared, so that the insights also have great added value outside the scope of this project.

The ‘Stop Plastic from City to Wad’ project is being carried out on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat Northern Netherlands, Water Board Noorderzijlvest, Municipality of Groningen, Groningen Seaports and is financially supported by the Wadden Fund. The Stop Plastic project from City to Wad will run from 2021 to 2024.

Pilot Plastic-free water in Leeuwarden

During this pilot, the CanalCleaner was installed at various locations to investigate to what extent the CanalCleaner is capable of removing plastic from the water under different weather conditions.

The pilot was carried out at three different locations in the city center of Leeuwarden. The pilot ‘Plastic-free water in Leeuwarden’ was carried out in 2021 on behalf of the municipality of Leeuwarden.

More control over waste

During this pilot, it was investigated whether the plastic from our waters can be recycled in a sustainable way. The end product made in this pilot is a grab to remove plastic from the street. The result is that it is technically possible to make a new product from this. However, there are still many challenges due to the wide variety of plastics and their quality.

The pilot ‘More grip on waste’ was carried out in 2021 in collaboration with NTCP, Polymer Science Park and Elzinga van der Krieke and was made possible in part by the Province of Fryslan. It was commissioned in 2021 by the municipality of Leeuwarden.

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