Duration:  4 years 2023-2026
Contact Person: Rinze De Vries
Client: European Comission
Location: The Noord Holland, The Netherlands

Targeting the Reduction of Plastic into the North Sea

TREASURE aims to reduce marine pollution by preventing the outflow of plastic waste from inland waters into the North Sea by improving the governance, policy, Data Collection, removal and prevention approaches, resulting in a cleaner riverine and marine environment through science-supported cooperation. Our consortium involves regional authorities, water management bodies, knowledge institutes, companies, and NGOs from 5 countries with the long-term goal of reducing the outflow of macroplastic waste from inland waters into the North Sea.

The innovation of this project lies in the integrated cross-sectoral approach, which is needed to successfully identify, prevent, and remove litter from inland waterways. We address four interrelated thematic pillars:

Governance & Policy:  Improve multi-level governance for effective cooperation by actors along water systems and improve policies at different levels for waste prevention.

Data collection & analysis:  Use surveying and observation methods (e.g. citizen science and drone technology) to expand knowledge about composition, distribution and sources of waste and harmonize approaches.

Prevention & Behavioural change:  Educate and train target groups in the industry, government and the public on the need and opportunity to reduce plastic spillage and implement interventions for litter prevention (e.g. recreational and scientific waste collection).

Removal of plastic waste:  Apply different techniques in the collection and removal of plastic debris from rivers and harbours to get insight into their(cost) effectiveness.

15 Partners | 6 Living Lab | 36 Months

Goal for Noria

In the Treasure Project, Noria will employ a comprehensive 3R approach: Research, Remove, and Reduce to eliminate plastic pollution from its source.

For the Research step in the Treasure project, Noria will use its camera technology to quantify the plastic pollution in the waterways from HHNK. Noria’s GPS and water column measurement techniques will assist in understanding the behaviour of floating plastic and the distribution of plastic litter in the water, respectively. Noria will also provide its experience in OSPAR analysis to identify the type of floating plastic to other organisations within the Treasure project.

For the Removal step, Noria will install the CirCleaner at De Helsdeur to demonstrate plastic litter removal from the water.

As part of the Reduce step, Noria will actively participate in developing the Serious game and Treasure Toolbox, collaborating with partners to prevent future plastic litter in the environment.

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How Noria Tackles The Plastic Pollution Problem ?

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