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Removing plastics from our local waterways


to introduce a deposit on cans



tons of plastic ends up in the oceans every year



animals die every year from plastic



With our methods and techniques we contribute to solutions for the plastic waste problem. Whose is this problem? How big is the plastic waste problem? And what can we do with the materials we extract from the water? We solve this problem in a sustainable and affordable way through smart and innovative solutions.


In our approach to solving it jointly, you can see contours of the Dutch polder model. Our system builds on a traditional Dutch water technique. A solution that moves no less than 95% of the floating plastic from the water to the shore.


A solution to remove plastic is low in power consumption and low in maintenance. Installation, tuning and assembly can only be done within a few hours.

3R method


In order to solve a problem, you must first understand the problem. In the Research step we help you to gain more insight into where the plastic comes from and where it goes. We provide insight into the sources, the transport and the locations where the plastic accumulates.Using various methods and techniques, we can provide insight into the potential hotspot locations, the degree of pollution in your area and the flux of plastic at crucial points in your water area.


Thanks to the insight that has arisen from the Research step, we can help you to actually remove plastic from your water. For this we use the insights about the amounts of plastic and the transport profiles of the plastic in your area.We can use one of our trapping systems to remove plastic. The CanalCleaner is a system designed for inner city areas and ports. The CirCleaner can be used on canals and rivers. We can also help you optimize the sailing routes of workboats in cities.


To ensure that together we can definitively stop the plastic waste problem in water, we make new information from the removed plastic. With these insights about amounts and the type of plastic that is removed, new preventive campaigns can be set up or new policies can be developed to tackle the plastic preventively.We present the insights to you in the ForSea dashboard. With this you always have insight into the size and the possibilities of a preventive approach to the plastic waste problem. Together with you, we like to think about local and national measures against the plastic waste problem.

Our projects

Projecten_van stad naar wad

Stop plastic from City to Wad

Protecting animals and the environment of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site against the influx of plastics from land.


Investigate macro- and microplastic sources and hotspots

Innovative pilot to test our capture systems designed for cities and ports.

Pilot Plastic-free water in Leeuwarden

Innovative pilot to test our capture systems designed for cities and ports.

More control over waste

In collaboration with partners, we looked at the technical feasibility of converting plastic from water to product.